We have a large selection of customizable badge designs in our catalog in which almost every feature can be modified (such as finish, text, center seal, etc.). However, sometimes our clients require a badge design specially developed and produced to their unique specifications. In these cases, we offer fully custom made badges*.

Through consultation with the client our team identifies the general specifications and requirements for the custom badge and work with our graphic department to deliver concept designs. Designs can be developed to spec, such as replicating an existing badge, or developed from abstract concepts such as employing features from a logo, statue, or mascot. We continue to work closely with the client to refine the conceptual design until a final design proof has been completed.

Once the final design proof has been approved the factory gets tooled up by manufacturing the dies, plates, and punches required to produce the new custom badge design. For more information on the tooling process click here.

When the tooling has been completed and the final customizations have been submitted (eg. names, badge numbers, etc.) the badges are queued for production. Production time for custom badges from the time of design approval to badge manufacture is generally 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the badge.

We pride ourselves on delivering a product that not only fulfils the original desires of the client but often surpasses expectations in design look and quality of badge.

*We offer this service on quantity orders of 50 or more badges. There is a one-time charge to set up the die in addition to the cost badge. Your design will be placed on file and any future orders will not have a die setup charge.

For more details or to discuss this option for your department, give us a call at 1-877-404-8413.

Fully Custom Badge Design Example